Elafonisi is the most awarded beach of Crete. It is located on the south west of Chania. It is a small island, 200 meters from the beach. Weather permitting, you can walk in the shallow waters and visit it. Start now!


Ballos beach and the historic island of Gramvousa with its Venetian fortress are located on the northwest edge of Chania. It is an impressive lagoon with shallow waters. You can visit the place by boat or car. The amazing view is the main characteristic. 


Falassarna beach has a great width, lovely sand and crystal clear waters. 


The gorge of Samaria took its name from the village of Samaria which is abandoned since 1962 and is located between Xyloskalo and the coastal resort of Agia Roumeli which in turn was named after the church of Santa Maria. During the Ottoman Empire, it served as a refuge for many rebels. 


The village of Theriso is located at the foot of the White Mountains, the largest mountain of Crete. Its distance from Chania is only 16 km. To visit it, you must cover a distance of 6 km. through the wild beauty of Therisino Gorge.  


The palace of Knossos or Minoan Palace was the most important city of ancient Greece. With easy access to the sea but also to the mainland, it was the residence of the wise King Minos.  


The archaeological site of Phaistos, the second most important city of ancient Crete is now a significant archaeological site.  

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